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What is bloody roar 2

What is bloody roar 2
What is bloody Roar 2

Bloody Roar 2 is a single player multiplayer offline action fighting ironfist game this game is developed by Eighting Raizing and published by hudson soft. This game develop for PlayStation 2 PS2 PlayStation 2 game this game arcade base game this game launch in January 28 1999 for japan .

In North America this game lowest in April 30 1999for global launch give loan change July 1 1999.give me the type of copy of tekken tournament series and what is advance because the characters have power to change into monster that's why this game is very popular to all over the world.

Game play

Bloody Roar 2 is an offline single player multiplayer action adventure arcade ironfist game in this there are different and many characters in this game and both characters have different moods and different powers and abilities but they have some disadvantage but you can control the you can control your player and change into the big monster the big monster have our power to compare to the first form of the character.

this game every character has a beast mode that can be used to initial new attacks recover some lost health and generally be faster than the first form means human found their attack in additional sequel introduce be striving super attack that introduced scenes in the story mode.

All the players can control you with the help of joystick. All the players can jump attack from different types of attack can fast against enemy types of attacks in this game are are.
There are different types of academic ready root 2 example low attack comma areata, with text and powerful attack with the help of beast monster there have advantage and some disadvantage.

In low attack this type of attacks are very fast but the damage of potash is very low because this tag is low tech but in Hindi attack the damage per area is very high compared to meditech and lowered the speed of this attack is very low compared to the both attack.

in mid attack there is a hybrid type of version of both attack means you can fastly attack with high damage per area tag that's why this is very helpful.

Ahmedabad final attack means subah attack beans with the help of these monster firstly this attack charge and finally you can a way to use the support this consume so many times death by this attack is not suitable in fight in some cases.


five years after the event of the first game the jontro who had voted involvement in the in the fall of playstation Sony PlayStation Thailand corporation have since resume their normal and peaceful lives over the field is not last long as a new and emerging industry for short with enough suspension understanding between troops and womens become a 5 year results.

My opinion

according to me do you have PC to play this game will call you like tekken 3 and tekken 4 series game so this is advanced version of this game in this give use the power of beast and can control different types of beast against your enemy

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Far Cry 6 lunch date release

Far Cry 6 lunch date release

Far Cry 6 lunch date release 

According to Ubisoft forward event far cry 6 will launch in in 18 Feburary 2021 for for window 10 PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox one, Xbox series X, and Google stadia.
But because of the human virus Ubisoft can delay.

What is far cray 6

Far cry 6 is a not coming triple-a title first-person shooter open-world games role-playing game this was developed by Toronto and published by Ubisoft. This is continuous series of the far cry 5 .this game launch in February 18 2020 1 for Microsoft windows 10 Xbox one Xbox series x, PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5, and Google stadia.

This game based on inner fictional Iceland inspire for Cuba and some Cuba location are found in their game. Dictatorship by Al president in this give you can go and unknown Iceland very similar to Cuba location some global locations you can build their house village shelter and you can create farmer farms for surviving.


6 is an action-adventure multiplayer single player first person shooter open world survival game and role playing in a fictional city very similar to some Cuba location the Iceland was ruled by Al President and costelloe.

In this game you can control and you can walk freely walk all over the Iceland and you can make Shelters you can create weapons vehicles etc and you can farm eat cooking for serving.the main protagonist of this game name is esposito describe his character as a leader they are trying to empower the people to understand that's why we need storage now show but is stuck in the middle of a revolution of this Iceland. Now despite train his son for continue his family cycle to rule in Iceland

His father has dealt with the evolutionary and now at Now despacito train his son for continue his family cycle to rule in Iceland
.despacito said that Anton has been born into work well the position but it could not take a good quality of leadership in Iceland until his father has fielded in the missionary Era then despacito train is some four rulings and continue the cycle of ruling in Iceland.

In this game, you can control and you can play a role for a local roses is a soldier fighting for freedom who attempt to the restore for the nation for the glory of the player the player can select any gender at the start of the game means you can control male and female characters of this game to play multiplayer and you can use weapons vehicles aiming to hear and pray for higher and boon in the system.

In this give you can see the high graphics most probable chance this game use ray tracing with the help of rtx series graphic cardsometime you can a way to use ray tracing the main feature of the game to create Game most beautiful and most realistic according to some report this game demand high graphical power means you have at least 1660 super to run this game for minimum FPS achieve FPS means 60 under 30.

My opinion

according to me you can play far cry older version means far cry 5 far cry 4 and you enjoy this series so I highly recommend to play this game because this game has comes so many features and high graphics and most popular chance in this game to play 80 ray-tracing so that's why I highly recommend to play this game after this game launch thank you for reading this article.

Cyber punk 2077 release date delayed

 Cyber punk 2077 release date delayed

 Cyber punk 2077 release date delayed

According to some rumours 2077 release date is scheduled to be released for PlayStation 4 windows 10 and Xbox one on 19 November 2020 and stadia by the end of the year and PlayStation 5 and Xbox one series in 2021. But because of this pandemic mean virus spread all over the world that's why the game launching release date shift 2 in 2021 starting 2051 because of the pandemic.

Cyber punk 2077 developers can create this game fastly but because of this parent make all the developers of this game we can't go to studio that's why this game delay most probable chance to this game launch in 2021 starting in January and February that's why this game is delayed but this is a chance means 50 50% chance.

What is cyberpunk 2077

cyberpunk 2077 is an upcoming offline or online singleplayer and multiplayer role-playing openworld video games this game has developed by CD projekt. And published by CD projekt launch for PlayStation 4 Xbox one window 10 and Google stadia in November 19 2020 and 4 PlayStation 5 next-gen console and xbox series X means Xbox Scarlett launch 2021.


The story of this game is this game based on imaginary location and some real locations are there the gameplay of this game is very similar to GTA v and watch talk to because this game is open world game that's why with 6 district region. This game player game control jump shoot swimming climbing flying driving etc.

This game is based on future 2077 story the robots and artificial intelligence deciding and rural human race then the cyberpunk robots defaulting to artificial intelligence with the help of humans you can feel this game in first person perspective and third person perspective which means the user experience is much better.

 and can acquiring skill of hacking and machinery systems can fulfilled skill in fighting close combat and use rifles weapons like a beast.

According to some rubis cyber tablet in red engine 4 by a team of around 500 members exciting the number of workers of the studio closely title the witcher 3 wild hunt 2015 CD project loan than you know this game for Poland the partnership with Nvidia and Qualcomm to the launching a new device.


Cyberpunk 2077 is play in first person shooter as well as third person shooter.the main protagonist of this game is like a robot with artificial intelligence and whose voice and the face like a human and hairstyle with body type of modification they can have different type of clothes you cannot compared to human like ka robot you can't.

the characters reflexes and intelligent like a peace because this character can made up with steel stainless steel and the intelligence of is made of like a computer because using AI artificial intelligence that's why the reflections of this character is very very strong then compared to master art and kamfu.

The main protagonist of this game name is V dekh can take cover the can use gun they can jump bacon and they can slide and they came evening to and I'm using melee weapon close combat and different types of weapons like machinery weapons automatic vacancy assault rifle asanji etc.

cons of this game use increased accuracy and reloading speed which are firstly in characters animation and you can upgrade your guns and repair your weapons with the help of gun Smith you can upgrade your weapon damage and reload time faster with the help of gunsmith bench.

In this game you can use different types of vehicles and aeroplanes etc you can experience Ray tracing with the help of rtx liner cards.this game is based on imaginary open world city and metropolitan city and some part of California services of 6 regions.

z navigate their location on the food of the visual will the which are subject to weather of first or third person view because this came the player can use this game as a third-person shooter and first person shooter prospective that's why its surrounding area like ke bad land can also be experienced

My opinion

 According to me now this game consume high graphical demanding so do you have not the high-end graphics card you cant able to play this game with playable FPS means 30fps. So do you have at least gtx 1660 ti and I don't remember this game this is not launch and I'm not about to play this game that's why I am not recommend thank you for reading this article.

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What is Battel Field 5

What is Battel Field 5

What is Battel Field 5

battlefield 5 is an online offline single player and multiplayer first person shooter game this game was developed by dice and published by EA (ELECTRONIC ARTS) THIS GAME LAUNCH FOR WINDOWS AND MICROSOFT PLAYSTATION 4 AND XBOX ONE. This game released on November 20 2018 for windows 10 PlayStation 4 and Xbox one.


Battlefield 5 is based on World war 2 timeline and this game highly focused 2 shisha stick and machinery and weapon.
This is the sequel of battlefield 1 2 3 and 4 etc . Expendables 4 sold players full customisation throughout the New Cambridge system where create multiplayer.

characters with cosmetically e weapon auctions cosmetic items and carry used to purchase in give badi a with it game objective you can buy their own real money in game purchase. There have change their outfit and skin colour style all over the body it's his toys that song because this game is online mode in this game.

In offline move do have control many characters and both factors have their own missions and own role play Soldier and commander can play as a commander and you can play as a soldier to beat your enemies in World war II tome line.

battlefield 5 features several new multiplayer modes like including the continuously campaigning notes example firestorm and brand operation etc. Firestone in firestorm you can land in type of unknown place and defeat your enemy when fire strong is coming to you.

the grid corporation expansion of the operation modes including battlefield 1 medal field to battlefield 3 etc this campaign more force on matches taking place across multiplayer stages to simulate Cambrian of the the war in World war 2 timeline.

in each round they have each task and each objective you can clear the stars and le objective after you clean the starks you can level up and promote to another task. Indore final day and with a close victory on the unknown place.

battlefield v you have control vehicles choppers planes and own characters they have advantage like you can control commanders generals and soldiers with the help of switching you can feel surrounding like real war the environment of this game is type of real type everywhere boom gun firing and helicopters sound etc are hearing you can't hearing sound clear because so many nose in the battlefield that's why.

This game future cooperative born this feature is not see in battlefield 3 this is called combined to 4G Airtel Undertaker mission together and feature dynamic muscles and clearing object if so that the mission Kerala not be played the same way each time the player can control vehicles and chopper all the players in length with the help of chopper 1st A main is the game save and they can defeat their enemies and completing tasks and objectives.

in this game dekhen feature battle royale mode battle royale mode is very famous in the world in 2020 the battle royale mode is very similar to pubg and fortnite's etc . This battle royale mode is not developed Ea dice.the battle royale mode is developed for traditional games company because this is the biggest mein created by the franchise to take this is playable by 64 players which can be divided into 16 squad with the force on the teamwork and after the winning team winning team can run away with the help of helicopter.

Battlefield 5 featuring Ray tracing mode. Read reason it is a type of realistic more in this game you can see shadows like a real life and you can't explain game compared to real life and game because retracing and best technology.this game used tracing with the help rtx card graphic cards.

My opinion

Do you play battlefield type games and field type game I highly recommend to play this game do you have decent PC and hired PC like in a PC you own rtx series graphics card that's why I highly recommend to play this game feature ray tracing and you have rtx card you can elegble to use ray tracing feature l enjoyed their surroundings environment for reading this article.

Red dead redemption 2

Red dead redemption 2

Red dead redemption 2

Red dead redemption 2 is an action-adventure open-world survival role-playing game this game was developed by Rockstar games and published by Rockstar games. This game was launched in in October 26 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox one this game is a limited time period and exclusive in Xbox one and PlayStation 4 but in Microsoft windows 10 and Google stadia this was launched in November 5, 2019, for window 10 and Google stadia November 19 2019.


In Red dead redemption 2 is at western American Western-type game adventure offline and online multiplayer single player third-person shooter and open world game in this the main protagonist of this game is John marston . This game is based on 1980 American cowboys in United States south and western during 1899.

in Red dead redemption 2 the game is set on the open-world environments like GTA v etc games this game is based on a fictional village in western and Southern states in 1899. We call cowboy the game future two modes online mode and offline mode online mode is an advantage and offline mode is advantage I don't mode have advantage and some disadvantage let's talk about.

In online mode of Red dead redemption 2 to all the online player can come together and play together in this mode you can complete like highest missions etc.offline mod offline mode is the best mode for single player and this board comes with story story the best sense the story related to cowboy era.

Ine game you can also use and control your horse.thoughts are the main form of transportation and travel of which there are various types of breeds of horse is available each breed has different advantage and different disadvantage means qualities and fun qualities like some horse breed run faster but they can't get a wait but some breed have capable to get up high amount of weight on his back.

in this game you can enjoy a hunting animals also play a major role in the game providing providing the food and earn income to sale an animal meats and waste etc and also craft hunting you can choose several different types of strategies to take major role in contains that's why I can choose right weapon and right to hold to handle hunting.

Red dead redemption 2 games focus on the choice of player for the story and mission cutscenes and movements in the story will give the player the option to accept or decline additional missions like like plots it's her it's his choice.the male protagonist means you you can communicate and talk with npc A.K.A NON PLAYER CHARACTER, you can beat npc you can fight with together but in this game play notice you can bully and pieces kids childrens the npc aggressive to you because you had from her children children's that's why I kill you so be careful.

My opinion

Are you play and you'll like Western and old type game dead redemption 1 and 2 because this game is very fantastic and very high graphical demanding this game you can feel different different types of weather and new things and physics new physics in this game show do you have high end PC so I highly recommend to play this game now this game is available for windows 10. Thank you for reading this article

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Guns of Boom Review

Guns of Boom Review

Guns of Boom Review

Guns of boom is action adventure online multiplayer first person shooter FPS game this game was launched for Android and IOS this game was developed by Game insight and published by Game insight. Guns of boom launch in 18 May 2017.


guns of boom is an action adventure online multiplayer first person shooter game win this game. There are two teams fight together in each team they have 4 players one match time duration is 5 minutes first team score higher there secondary this team win the match and earn money and rank. 

guns of Boom player can reach 50 level of ex.after winning a match and losing the match Vijay can earn gain money and experience level after you win the match you can earn high amount of money and rank explain ever but you lose 10% of total among You earn this is a concept of this game play.

The highest range of guns of boom is hall of frame. Every single player main dream to achieve all of the league. Every 2 week the league was reset after you are in platinum what do you not let you too don't worry is not reset but you in platinum tier that's why your point is after two weeks.

In guns of boom they had different different types of matches like Sone capture move that mode war mode and etc and different types of maps available in this game both maps has own advantage and disadvantage to all the player some player can play simple maths like ground type in some player can play maps like their ground hybrid types of map.

In thismatch you defeat your enemy you have a chance to grab his gun and used but emmo is not sufficient to use only one load magazine deploy. In this game there have several menu several types of weapon han maine r means assault rifle sniper rifle shotgun and submachine gun and knife and grenade for boom bam.

in in giving money you can buy their all of stuff weapons to own in game money there as several way to earn money first you can spend your real many second step You can watch at 2 game to ex bonus and earn money third step is you will batches and open crates to earn money after you collect high amount of money you can upgrade your armour helmet and pants and although you can upgrade your weapons and buy new guns.

After you buying gunsyou have a option to upgrade your weapon after you upgrading your weapon the power unlock and unlock damage per second this in this game there are different types of people and different type they have only powers and abilities like in this game player can see venom type of gun they are fully modded air gun the power of this gun is thick and decreasing HP e your enemy mobile like a slow poison.


The first week of after guns of boom launching in 18 Mai 2017 this game cross 5 million downloads in a week as you know this is the popularity of this phone give and this game generate 1 million us dollar in a first weekthis is a incredible achievement of Android and IOS phone games.I am in first week of this after this game launching in Google Play Store they have 4.5 rating in Google Play Store this is that's why this game is very popular worldwide.

My opinion

according to me I highly recommend to play this game because this game not consume high level graphic demanding game and this game playable in low and device Android device like under 1GB RAM and 2GB RAM that's why this game is very awesome and compatible for all the devices under 1GB RAM first game in Android and IOS that's why I recommend this game to play thank you for rating this article.

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Telken 7 Review

Telken 7 Review

Tekken 7 Review

Tekken 7 is a single-player action-adventure fighting close combat game this game was developed by Bandai Namco entertainment and published by bandai namco entertainment director of this game Katsuhiro Harada .this game launch for PlayStation for Xbox one and Microsoft Windows 10. Tekken 7 launch in March 2015 for better version and complete after 2016 July then upload for worldwide in June 2017.

Game play


they have many simple and unique moves like reach our power crush screws head heavy heavy attack combo etc. All the attacks have unique less and some disadvantage like advantages and disadvantages.

Read attack to each character has only accessible with in read mode causing it's to be active until the next round will figure cinematic sequence and deal 30 % damage + depending on the characters power this is the advantage of the disadvantage of range r is you can't use this attack for from you defeat.

Race drives popular characters not a way to use race drive then available character use this race tribe move which are either brand new movies aur power of variation of accepting moves like the range r is specification for the specification of the help you are killed in one inch punch.the disadvantage of praise drive is you can't use this move all the characters do not able to use this move and characters can use this move but they have willing treasure box.

Power crush: power prash perform and on the opponent hit with the mid and high angles with a continuing attack like this is the like type of combo the advantage of this Power press is this but the disadvantage of this power crush is your opponent counter this move you can't wait to get up

Combo: taken series there have combos omens Lo attack attack and meet attack all the types of attacks are combined together and attack enemies without non stopping enemies not study your more so they can't counter that's why this attack are very useful.

tekken 7 multiplayer more alloy players to choose which side of the screen to play on movement like in game they have two side left side and right hand side show some pupil not able to play left side we prefer to write inside and some people not able to play right side we prefer left side squire this is a male version of this tekken 7 series.

the orchid version of this game featuring traditional stage background play together with the player progress by defeating five different components one by one and then ending with final stage after you clear final instead of this game UC story of the player you choose in this game future character customisation means can a lawyer to player change modify add or own characters appearance 80c for the first time in arkit series in taken series.


After the story event of tekken 6 Jim kazama was defeating and destroy azazel the monster begin between G corporation amd Mishima zaibatsu start war to revenge the world .after Jin kazama decrease the monster in the absence of Jin kazama Nina Williams was lead the zaibatsu team.

Jin kazama after defeating azazel the monster beast. Jin kazama was normal because defeating azazel some abnormal powers Jin kazama absorbed the power and he normal to his devil form. But Jin kazama was not able to get up because his energy and its power is down that's why.

Heihachi was reporte escorted out break to lars lar before.kazumi assassination on them in the first place final kill in better and throw his body into the volcano mountain letter appears and the result of this battle is unknown the result of this button to see in tekken 8 series.

My opinion

do you love all tekken series I highly recommend to play this tekken 7 series because this series have new feature offering new feature and this series is a sequel of old series like tekken 6 series continue that's why I need you to play this game reading this article.